What to Expect Day of Event

Prior to Our Arrival

Please provide us with the name and cell phone number of an on-site contact person that our delivery and set-up crew can contact in case they have any questions.

Set up a very sturdy, well-balanced table with 4 legs that lock in place in the location where you would like your ice carving. The table should be able to easily support 250 pounds of weight. Glass top tables and cocktail rounds are not acceptable.

Putting a sign on the table that says “Reserved for Ice Carving” will ensure that the sculpture is set up where you want it. Once the carving is set, we cannot move it.

The table should be covered with linens, preferably skirted and draped which hides the drainage hose and drip bucket most effectively. One additional table linen is needed to cover the wooden riser for the drip pan.

Please let us know in advance if there will be a power supply available for lighting. You will need to provide an extension cord if needed. If no power is available we can provide battery lights if we know in advance.

During the Event

The drainage bucket will need to be emptied every hour if the sculpture is indoors. It is best to assign one member of the catering staff or be responsible for this task.

After the Event

Remove the ice carving from the facility. Make arrangements to return the drip tray, drainage bucket, riser, and lighting to Ice Age Ice Sculptures. For a small additional fee, the Ice Age staff will return to the location and complete this for you.

Just for Fun

Please send us photos of the sculpture from your event so that we can post them on Facebook!


Prices vary depending upon size, design, and delivery location. However, an ice sculpture is probably more affordable than you think.

We can create standard white or color logos, freeze flowers, laminated photos, or other items inside the ice and many other special effects for an additional charge.

What’s Included in the Price

Price includes the sculpture, delivery at the scheduled time, set-up, use/rental of a drip tray, a drainage bucket and basic lighting.

Breakdown service (before midnight) may be provided for a small additional fee.